Types of Plumbers

Types of Plumbers Available in California

There are three types of plumbers are available in California, who are well professional and having a deep knowledge of rendering the plumbing services.

After reading this article you are able to choose the right plumber for your plumbing work. Before going towards the deep details. Take a Look about what plumbers do.

What is the role of Plumbers?

A plumber is a personality, who is available for installation and repairing of the plumbing system from leak detection to other management of water supply, heating system, and sanitation.

Types of Plumbers

Residential Plumbers

A plumber who is responsible for lookup your home plumbing needs. Residential Plumbers are those plumbers who are best for the job of home plumbing tasks such as installation & repairing of the broken pipe, clogged drain, leaking sink, and plugged toilet, etc. They lack in handling the commercial plumbing work in large organizations.

Commercial Plumbers

Commercial Plumbers are well trained and have an extensive experience in the working of large organizations. They are capable to install and repair the plumbing systems in Schools, hospitals, large shopping malls, and industries, etc. Normally, they are mainly focused to handle the Commercial plumbing work.


A typical plumber when you think to hire a plumber for your residential and commercial work. They are professionals in this field and having good problem solving skills that they use and provide quality work to their customers.

What Services do We Offer? – Rodco Plumbing

Rodco Plumbing is one of the leading plumbing companies in California, who are available to assist you for any kind of plumbing work whether it’s commercial or Residential. Our main focus is to render quality services that standout on the client’s requirement.

On Rodco Plumbing you will get all plumbing services such as leak detection, Tankless water heater repair, hydro jetting, repipes, sewer repair, sewer video cam, gas line repair, Faucet Repair & Replacement, drain stoppages, drain cleaning and more.

Our emergency plumbers in Los Angeles, Cerritos, orange country, Huntington Beach, Long Beach and in other regions of California are always available to assist you. So, if you face any problem regards plumbing call us, we are available 24 hours.

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